TV CDN Platform

  • Perception TV CDN is first to unify the content distribution network with the advanced feature set necessary for a full-service internet TV experience.
  • Already live in private deployments in 8 countries worldwide and our first TV Headend / CDN POP is operational in London.
  • In development are 2 further TV head-ends in LA and Singapore giving the capacity to downlink and encode channels from most global satellites. Streaming and storage infrastructure will also be built in 8 further strategic internet hubs.
  • Perception TV CDN will connect these hubs in real-time using our Multicast Grid software which handles load balancing, content replication and operational management.
  • Future POPs will be connected to each other using multicast VLANs and to the core internet using IP Transit suppliers.
  • The TV CDN can also be connected to the access networks of telco partners to create a private CDN solution where all streaming is injected directly rather than utilising public IP transit. This reduces CDN costs and improves quality for telco partners where subscriber volumes warrant the connectivity.

Enterprise Grade

Confidence is paramount when engaging with a long term supplier, Peception's partnerships with suppliers such as Hewlett Packard and Envivio help establish a foundation that delivers confidence. Perception's blend of proprietary and industry standard infrastructure offers our customers advanced software solutions within an enterprise grade platform.

Proprietary grid based design

Manages the workload of every server within the grid, through advanced automated failover and load-balanced architecture. This means there are no practical limitations to the number of client devices active within the network.

Industry standard server configuration

No expensive proprietary licensing for server applications, as Perception includes all video server applications required to run the platform. This enables a flexible approach to hardware suppliers and significantly reduces the overall cost.

Scalable hardware infrastructure

Providing the ability to seamlessly increase the physical capacity of the platform as the subscriber base grows.

Hardware vendor agnostic

Ensures cost effective and timely management of the physical infrastructure and cross platform integration requirements.

Cost Effective

Time is money and Perception has been developed with the ultimate ability to fit the needs of the client in a timely and compliant manner. Standard configuration infrastructure built in a modular way, provides the most cost effective method of delivering a client installation fit for purpose.

Rapidly deployable solution

Pre-built modules are installed into a new white label instance of the platform for each new deployment, enabling fast setup and testing for each new customer.

Industry standard server configuration

Perception has been developed using proprietary applications across the platform utilising industry standard server technology. This enables more choice and a more flexible approach to the use of existing infrastructure and the overall costs.

Cloud Compatible Systems

Perception delivers state of the art multiscreen services that can be deployed either in the cloud, on-net or within a traditional data centre. This flexible approach again provides more choice and the ability to manage inventory cost.

Unicast and multicast delivery options

As an operator with a requirement to support a large number of CPE devices, Multicast is the only sensible choice for the delivery of primary screen TV. Perception can support this with both unicast and OTT options completing the delivery methods required.


Control in everything, especially within the administration of the platform. From customer management and marketing through to interfacing with other applications, Perception provides unprecedented control and flexibility.

Centralised admin interface

With complete ACL support and multiple levels of admin access, enabling fully centralised management of the whole platform.

Highly flexible CMS

Provides the ultimate customer management environment, accelerating average processing time and providing fast access to database information.

Innovative marketing tools

Allowing the operator to create, manage and motivate customer propositions within the cms, including advertising and promotion modules.

API management

Provides a very flexible approach to interfacing with external platforms such as operator cms / billing systems. Perception's API’s have been written to enable a fast track approach to integration, while simplifying the process.


Fraud is common place, therefore clients need to be confident that content and customer data is totally secure. Perception has been built using very high standards of security, keeping a focus on the need to provide choice and total confidence.

Proprietary asset management

Enables full rights provisioning and entitlement management, which reduces the need to invest is full DRM packages.

Secure access to all API's

Offers total internal and external confidence when interfacing with third party API’s.

Proprietary conditional access

Pre integrated and in-house developed CA modules providing higher levels of stability and security.

Flexible approach to encryption

Enables the operator to choose any encryption vendor offering potential benefits from existing relationships.

What do others think of us?

Using Perception, our customers can watch television when, where and how they want, with innovative, eye catching features and immense choice. Perception is there every step of the way, giving the scale needed and an expanding feature set to ensure that T-2’s services stand out as the best in a highly competitive market.

Sašo Todorović, CEO, T-2

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