T-2, a leading Slovenian quad play telecoms operator, supports 100,000+ subscribers (300,00+ users) for the tv2go multi-channel service available via On-Net STB, plus OTT via iOS and Android apps. T-2 subscribers enjoy 300+ live channels, Catch-up TV, nPVR and a comprehensive VoD service.

A specially adapted version of Perception runs on board ships all over the world receiving content over the global KVH marine broadcast network. KVH Industries, Rhode Island, USA, is a leading provider of in-motion satellite TV and communications systems, having designed, manufactured, and sold more than 175,000 mobile satellite antennas for applications on vessels, vehicles, and aircraft.

Baran Telecom, PerceptionTV’s first customer in the Middle East, launched the first IPTV/OTT TV service in Iran using the Perception platform. Baran Telecom was granted an IRIB IPTV/OTT license, to deliver advanced TV services alongside its existing value-added services such as distance learning, health, entertainment, e-Commerce and banking.

The AIO service was launched during 2016 offering OTT TV to wireless devices initially but recently launched its first connected TV app in conjunction with Samsung. The service includes the full Perception portfolio of live streaming TV, catch-up TV, nPVR and VoD.

A part of Grupo Visabeira a Portuguese company, TVCabo provides video entertainment throughout many parts of the Portuguese speaking world including Central Africa and South America. PerceptionTV has secured three separate platform installations with TVCabo in Angola and Mozambique. The service branded Viva Mais is live in both counties with the third installation supporting a fiber to the home project in Angola.

Based in Brig, Switzerland, Bar Informatik is a web, IT solutions, security services and ISP business providing connectivity and entertainment services to regional consumers in Switzerland. The TV service Rhone TV is provided to customers over the incumbent broadband network offering a complete OTT service with Live TV, Catch up, VoD and Network PVR.

Mult TV, a Brazilian communications company that specialises in providing video entertainment services to smaller regional ISP’s became a PerceptionTV customer during the early part of 2016.

This Brazilian business is currently installing the full platform within its network infrastructure and will be operating a regionalised version of Perception enabling the company to offer separately branded services to multiple regional service providers. The OTT service will include live TV, Catch-up TV, nPVR and Vod.