6 March 2017

TVCABO Angola embraces OTT to offer new internet TV service: Viv Mais

The telecommunications industry in Africa has experienced significant change in the past decade, leading to increased market competition. This increased competition is driving high churn rates. Customers are renowned for being extremely disloyal when it comes to mobile, fixed line and broadband services, however, churn rates are much lower in television. Television provides an opportunity to offer quad play services to improve customer loyalty.


TVCABO Angola saw the potential in African television services. The Angolan company recently extended its services from Angola’s capital city Luanda. The company has initially launched its OTT television services to mobile devices, expanding to FTTH customers in the near future. The new internet TV service, called Viv Mais, combines the best elements of an advanced living room TV service as well as mobile viewing via connected mobile devices. Subscribers can watch a wide range of live television channels, catch up with programmes broadcast over the past seven days and schedule up to 100GB’s worth of programmes to be recorded and played back on any connected device. The service is available for around 1500 Angolan Kwanza (£7/$8.50) a month for two concurrent licences offering subscribers instant access to high quality TV at home and on the move concurrently.


TVCABO worked with PerceptionTV Limited to roll out the integrated TV service. The Perception platform delivers live TV with instant rewind, Catchup TV, nPVR, VoD, all pre-integrated into a single end user application available across multiple screens. It is completely scalable enabling TVCABO to manage and control cost, ensuring the company only invests more when there is demand from subscribers.


Perception was developed from the ground up to provide operators with a commercially sound, feature rich platform for the secure delivery of IPTV/OTT multiscreen video entertainment. It provided TVCABO with a complete end-to-end solution to the service provider. Many TV platforms only include multiscreen middleware. Perception also includes all video server software and front end applications which can be easily branded for clients.


The specialist skills required to make online TV a success are formidable and the availability of end-to-end TV platforms that can be rolled out quickly and cost effectively are still not easy to find. Taking advantage of technology to create and deliver an engaging service across all manner of devices can transform the opportunities open to service providers. Television need no longer be a complex and expensive service but a scalable platform for customer engagement and revenue opportunities. As TVCABO has demonstrated across Central Africa, forward thinking service providers can use television to generate revenues, reduce churn and engage customers more effectively.

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Sašo Todorović, CEO, T-2

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