13 March 2017

Personalisation: the key to a high-quality user experience

According to a new report from Northern Sky Research, by 2026 the world’s broadcasters will be offering more than 53,600 channels – an increase of 12,000. Despite the increasing desire for HD and Ultra HD services, the report suggests that almost two thirds of the new channels will be in standard definition.


As the number of channels rises, broadcasters should consider user experience to ensure channel navigation remains simple and content is personalised. According to the ‘IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting report’, content adaptivity can increase the end-users perceived quality of a television service – suggesting that personalised content vastly improves a user’s TV experience. With an increasing number of channel options, personalisation would provide users with tailored content and customised methods of viewing.


nScreenMedia’s Preference is just the Beginning: Video Recommendations in the Age of Mobility research paper, included the following personalisation findings:


• Preference: remains a key factor in what recommendations viewers will find valuable. The explosion in content choices, devices, and social media influence content preferences for viewers. By building complete preference profiles, operators can drive on-demand viewing and revenue goals.

• Location: is dramatically impacting what content viewers prefer to watch and services need to consider whether viewers are watching content in the home or on the go.

• Time: while the time a viewer watches linear TV is a known quantity, the time of day that a viewer watches on-demand content is different each time. The ability to contextualise adverts within content will add value for both the viewer and the content provider.

• Target device: recommendations that are targeted depending on the device the viewer is using will improve user experience.


IPTV enables personalisation in a way that was not possible with traditional TV. Content can be adapted based on a user’s characteristics, interests and demographic (e.g. name, gender, age, occupation and location) to provide personalised program guides, recommendations, targeted advertising and location specific content. For linear TV to improve viewing figures and maintain a loyal fan base, it should embrace IPTV personalisation techniques to ensure its new channels are a success.


PerceptionTV has led the IPTV space for more than ten years and keeps user experience at the forefront of platform design, content ingestion, and scalability. Content providers, TV start ups and aggregators can personalise the platform by brand image, viewer location, and regional content. Its regionalisation feature enables broadcasters to service multiple regions from a single installation - offering segmented back-end services and the ability to present different content, billing triggers and branded user interfaces dependant on location. This adds an additional layer to personalisation to provide a tailored, familiar IPTV viewing experience.

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Sašo Todorović, CEO, T-2

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