10 April 2017

Bringing near-live video on demand and TV to the shipping industry

Being at sea is one of the few remaining places where instant access to information is not always available. Whilst vessels need to remain in constant contact for positioning, asset management and safety, crews and passengers can be somewhat disconnected from the outside world.


The latest developments in the delivery of multiscreen television services over the internet can help to change this. Traditionally crews have had access to TV services but they are often pre-recorded and are not updated during a long journey. By combining a vessel’s need to remain in constant contact via satellite with the delivery of new content, it is now possible to deliver an effective ‘almost live’ TV service on demand to any screen on a vessel.


The cost of satellite communications is expensive, particularly if not all bandwidth is being utilised all of the time. Using the spare bandwidth to deliver up to date news, sport and entertainment television programmes is an effective way to add value to a crew on long journeys, without impacting on mission critical communications.


Where the innovation really comes alive is on-board. With a robust Wi-Fi network on a vessel, crews can choose to consume content on any screen (for example an iPad or an Android mobile phone) via a dedicated and easy to use app installed on the device. This enables the crew to individually choose what they want to watch, when and where they want to, rather than being limited to what is showing in an on-board cinema or TV room.


In the past two years, the growth in the use of mobile devices as vehicles for content consumption offers the shipping industry the ability to deliver a more personalised television experience, through app technology, that enables those at sea to choose when and where they watch television. When combined with the delivery of new content on a daily basis, this offers the industry a more personalised and up to date entertainment experience.


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